Amtech Drives Experience & Expertise FAQs
Amtech is evolving as a unique company in the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and Soft Starter market. Our products are differentiated from our competitors by providing the Best-Up Time available, a Flexible Product Offering, Excellent Global Support, and the Highest Quality Products and Offerings available on the market today.

Amtech's core strengths are high power industrial drives that are in operation around the globe. The complete drive line offering will provide you and your colleagues with confidence. All of our drive products are designed with standard features including 50°C, onboard PLC, digital and analog I/O, and other features that exceed those of our competition.

You are always welcome to know more about us, so please feel free to contact us if any further information is required.
What are the quote turnaround times on your engineered systems?
One day to 5 days turnaround time (typically).
Is an offering of 690 Volt drives available?
Yes, 690V drives are offered by Amtech.
What drives are stocked and at what location(s)?
Typically 1Hp to 20Hp in 200V class and 1Hp to 1000Hp in 400V class are stocked at our Atlanta location. However, we have stocking distributors also.
What are lead times on standard drives if it is not in stock?
Rush orders are typically 4 to 7 days or standard delivery is 2 weeks, if out of stock delivery is 4 to 8 weeks.
Are active front end drives and regen drives offered?
Yes, we offer active front end and regen drives.
Are 12, 18, 24 pulse drives systems offered?
Yes, we offer 12, 18, 24 pulse drive. However, we feel in most of the cases 12 pulse drive is more than sufficient.
Are the transformers with the multi-pulse units (see above) offered or must they be purchased separate?
We are open in this offering. If the customer wants us to supply the transformer we can, otherwise we can provide the required specifications and the customer can buy the transformer themselves.
What solutions are offered when one must meet IEEE 519 Specifications (at the drive input terminals)?
To meet the IEEE 519 specifications we are offering different solutions in different power ranges including line reactors, 12 & 18 pulse systems, matrix filters and active front end converters.
Are solutions for long lead lengths (DV/DT, Sine wave filters, Reactors) offered in your engineered solutions?
Yes, we offer DV/DT, sine wave filters, output reactors in our engineered solutions.
Is 24/7 technical support offered?
Yes, on a global level.
Does Amtech offer a “Certified Start-up” on your drives and if so, does it include an extended warranty?
Amtech offers a “Certified Start up Program” which is performed by our service staff will extend the warranty from 2 to 3 years.
Does Amtech have offices throughout the US and Canada?
Amtech has regional offices in locations in the US and has representatives and distributors covering the majority of the US and Canada at this time.
We also have Service Centers around the US for start-up and repair.
Of course, our staff at our headquarters in Atlanta is available to assist you.
What other communication protocols are offered besides Modbus?
We support Profibus, Device Net and Ethernet IP as an optional.
Do any of the drives that offer common DC bus connections (typical centrifuge load, regen on the scroll)?
Yes, in our engineered drive package solution we offer a common DC bus connection.
How does Amtech dissipate the regen energy on pump-jack applications (brake chopper most typical)?
For pump-jack applications we are not dissipating the regen energy but use it to make the system more efficient. Amtech has developed unique algorithm to control the regen energy.
On constant torque applications (full displacement pump, extruder etc...) what are the OL limits and for what time?
For constant torque applications we provide 150% overload for 60 seconds and 170% for 4 seconds.
Does Amtech often handle 1-phase to 3-phase conversions and if so, what is the recommended de-rating on the drive?
Yes, we can provide the solution. Consult Amtech Drives for details.
What measures are implemented to control quality?
For quality controls we follow process based documented systems complying ISO 9001 standard. Also our products are UL508 certified.
What markets are Amtech currently successful in and what made them successful?
Our primary markets are the municipals (water and wastewater), pumps and compressors, refrigeration, irrigation, HVAC, conveying, crushing, paper industry, plastic and extrusion, oil and gas etc.
What training (Sales and Technical) are offered for the products?
We have different sales training modules and also technical training modules for our product line. These are also available via our webinars.
We also offer to our distributor the training suitcase demo kit on which they can offer hands-on training to your customers. We have a simulator (PC based) which can help to get more hands-on training.
Any training can be supplied to your staff or customer base in a form that we can mutually develop and provide within a reasonable time frame.